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Occasionally, you might have a pest problem that's difficult to manage yourself. For these tasks, you should seek the services of a professional licensed pest control operator. Look for a control operator who holds a Pest Control Licence. In Victoria, this ID licence is issued from the Department of Health and Human Services.

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If you own your own home or an investment property, youre on your shield against termites. Besides natural disasters, subterranean termites (also known as white ants) pose one of the biggest dangers to the structural integrity and worth of your investment. Given the opportunity, theyll turn your dreams to dust that is useless.

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Termite treatments guarantee a long-term solution to the issue. Thats all well and good, but exactly how long can a treatment lastTermite treatment optionsA termite treatment involves the application of a chemical to the soil around your property. Most often, the termite treatment used is a termiticide. As the name suggests, a termiticide targets and kills termites.A termite treatments a good option if your propertys already under attack from termites, or if you want to be proactive and protect your property from a termite attack in the future.Termiticides How they workA termiticide works in two ways:It kills the termites that come into direct contact with treated soil, andIt uses the termites that survive the initial exposure as carriers, transporting it back into the colony and setting up a catastrophic chain reaction.For the layperson, a termite colony can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find.

Fortunately for you, a termiticide avoids the need to locate the colony itself. It does this by getting between the termites and their food source.Termites love cellulose. Your homes a delightful smorgasbord of all things wood; architraves, skirting boards, doors and structural timbers which are chock-a-block with cellulose. To a hungry termite using a whole colony to feed, its well worth the risk of leaving the protection of this colony to forage in your place.A correctly applied termiticide sets up a protective barrier around your home.

It should also be implemented to any expansion joins in concrete and along the borders of any paving, tiling or concrete slab. This can involve trenching and drilling, in which the chemical is injected directly into the soil.Most termite treatments are not repellents. Theyre designed to be undetectable so that your possessions wont move out of their way to avoid the region.

Some are murdered right Read Full Report away. The natives return to the colony with the digested wood and thats where the termiticide is in its most effective.The transfer procedure, that is, the procedure for feeding and grooming and other termite-to-termite contact which happens, is that the mechanism through which the termiticide then spreads throughout the colony.

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Termite Control Fgo Guide - Truths

Eventually, the termiticide makes its way to the queen. Once she succumbs, the entire colony collapses.Factors affecting the effectiveness and lifespan of the termite treatmentHow long does a termite treatment past In realityit changes. Below are a few of the main factors affecting the longevity of your termite treatment.1. Item choiceThere are a number of different termite treatments on the market.

Some have been around for years, others are comparative new-comers, taking advantage of the research and development. The product you choose has a direct bearing on how long your termite treatment will last.Common termite treatment products on the market include Termidor (manufactured by BASF), Altriset and Premise (manufactured by Bayer).

Most termite treatments have a lifespan of 5-8 decades, so its likely less than you think.When in regards to termite treatments for your house, its far better an option to be safe than sorry and to opt for a normal schedule of pest inspections and termite treatments rather than to create the assumption youre safe.2.

Its a common misconception that these compound termite treatments which were applied pre 1995 (prior to being outlawed for health reasons) persist for 3-4 decades. Unfortunately, thats not the case. The lifespan of these first generation termiticides was grossly exaggerated. Manufacturers of modern termite treatments are far more conservative in their estimates as to how long your termite treatment will continue.3.

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